Safe Haven

Safe HavenSafe Haven is a very well written fictional book by Nicholas Sparks. The various emotions that human beings experience throughout their lifetime are brought about beautifully. It touches on love and friendship, trust and relationships, family, fear and more serious topic of domestic abuse.

The book is based on two main characters, Alex and Katie, Alex, whose wife is no more and takes care of his young children single handedly, was part of the CID department of the Army and now runs a shop in the small North Carolina town of South port. While Katie, new to the town and has a secretive background. The story tells us how they slowly get to know each other better and fall in love.

By this Katie’s past is revealed, her real name being Erin. She is a victim of domestic abuse. She is married to Kevin, who is portrayed as a person who attempts to show repentance by almost always quoting from the Bible. She also makes a friend Jo, She starts telling her everything but her past and her feelings for Alex.

When Kevin finds out Erin, his wife has changed her identity to Katie, their neighbors daughter who is no more. He goes to South port to hunt her down. When he finds out where she lives he tries to kill her, but because of drinking too much he passes away. She also is shocked when she finds out who Jo is.

Safe Haven is a very interesting book, with an engrossing story and very elegantly portrays the important parts of our lives- Love, Friendship, Fear and death.

Nithi K H



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