Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020Chetan Bhagath is an author of five best novels; he is a columnist and motivational speaker. He is seen as a youth icon than an author. He uses simple language in most of his novels. Revolution 2020 is one of his best novels.

 The author briefs about his childhood friends who strived hard to find success in life. Gopal, Arthi and Raghav are the main characters in this story. Gopal is from a low class family, Arthi is from a aristocratic family and Raghav is from a middle class family. These three are friends since childhood. Gopal likes Arthi since his childhood, but he never told her about this. They both continued as good friends. Three friends hold their ambition that Gopal wants to make money, Arthi wants to become an air hostess and Raghav wants to make a change in society. As years pass, Raghav gets good marks in IIT, whereas Gopal fails both in IIT and AIEEE. This failure made him to go to another place called ‘Kota’ for better coaching. The story takes one through a maze of human folly and its repercussions.

According to me the characters are personalities that one comes across every day in life. And one could conclude that a person who takes the illegal path ends with nothing but guilt.




Makers of Modern India

Makers of Modern IndiaEdited by Ramachandra Guha

The book Makers Of Modern India is edited by Ramchandra Guha, the famous historian and columnist from Bangalore. He has taught in many Indian universities as well as abroad. One of his books named India after Gandhi has been selected as book of the year by The Washington post, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal and as a Book of the decade by Times of India and The Hindustan Times.

These makers of modern India did not speak in one voice, but their perspective is sometimes complimentary, at other times contradictory. The topics they explore and analyze include religion, caste, gender, language, nationalism, colonialism, democracy, secularism and the economy. These topic have resonance in our own times, not just in India but everywhere in the world, where violence is opposed to non-violence and where people of different faiths have to learn to live with each other, where marginalized struggle for their rights and where states have topics chosen between privileging a single ‘national culture’ or permitting a hundred flower to bloom.

To conclude, this book broadens our outlook towards such kind of personalities and towards their ideologies, which is essential for youth like me to be inspired to reach our Destiny.

 Nikhil Chavan S


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter & the Deathly HallowsJ.K. Rowling is unarguably the most famous children’s book writer of our generation. She is read all over the world not only by children and teenagers but also by parents and grandparents. She tends to connect with audiences of all age groups. Though her books are considered to be children’s books, they have always had much more to convey than just magic and mystery and flying wizards.

 Her most famous and widely read book till date is “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. This is the largest selling fiction of all time. Rowling has been successful in conveying a strong message of love, friendship and courage in this book. Harry Potter is described as an individual who dares to stand against evil and destroys it. When one goes on reading the book you will find that the story is all about how Harry discovers himself amidst all the chaos and hatred in the world of wizards.

 From the beginning of the book Harry is on a mission, that of locating Voldemorts remaining horcruxes (parts of the soul split into seven pieces) and destroying them. How he does this, forms a major part of the story. Though it looks like simple and fascinating story initially, it gets darker and darker towards the end. Harry’s best friends Ron and Hermionie accompany Harry throughout his wild journey.

People from around the world seem to connect with this book which will be read by generations to come. We can come to a conclusion that courage, sacrifice and love always stay ahead of hatred, brutality and violence. And there is always hope for good human beings to live happily and devote themselves to do good in this world.



Space Encyclopedia

Space EncyclopediaThe book, Space Encyclopedia, edited by Caroline Bingham, Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff gives the reader a brief as well as clear concept of space and exploration of space. The solar system, comets and meteors, mysteries of space are vividly explained with use of glossary, index and picture credits. This book serves as a first reference for young readers as well as adults.

This book   conveys all the facts and information about the space and the world in space with the exclusive, bright pictures and themes of space. There are tiny pictures with the information for the reader to quench the knowledge of the topic.There are lot and lot of pictures about rockets, astronauts etc.

There is a special feature like the curiosity quiz – helps one to search for the answers, become an expert – to look for the information on a subject, and every page is colour- coded to show us in which section we are in.

A reader could, gain knowledge about space and the world in space. A lots of practical facts, information, helps the person to understand space in a more simple and clear manner.

Elamathi S


Ways to Live Forever

Ways to Live ForeverWays to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls is a prize-winning British children’s book.  The story is based on a simple plot. An 11 year old boy called Sam McQueen records his day to day activities and his interests. Sam loved collecting facts. He loved asking questions. He had many queries which were never entertained by any of his teachers, parents etc. He wanted to live his life to the fullest and enjoy every second of his life. His ambition was to be a scientist he had an urge to discover new things and write books on them. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. At a young age he knew the fact that he couldn’t pursue his dream of becoming a scientist. At first he always wondered ‘why me?’ but after a few years he accepted the fact. After knowing that he would die he wanted to know more about death. Sam looked for questions nobody could answer. From the introduction to Sam’s life the story moves on to Sam’s goals and ambitions before dying. Before dying Sam thought about certain things he wanted to do and he made a list of things. Sam’s best friend Felix too was diagnosed with cancer and he helped Sam to do things he wanted to do. The day Felix dies, Sam realizes how beautiful it is to be alive and then decides to live till the end. He was emotionally taken a back during his friend’s death. Sam realised that it was important to be happy and he then decides to live each and every second from then on to the fullest. After some weeks one night Sam dies and the story ends then.

 This book helps us to understand the value of our life. It teaches us the real beauty of life. No matter what age we are in, we need to be happy and we should find each moment beautiful and live it with all our hearts. We should seize the moment, have fun and pursue all our dreams big or small. And always BE HAPPY.

Jenifer Anjela D’souza



RebeccaRebecca, which was first published in 1938, was Daphne Du Maurier’s, a French novelist’s  fifth novel .It was to become the most famous of her many books. Over 60 years later it continues to haunt, fascinate and perplex its readers.

In the book, while on holiday as a paid companion to a wealthy American – Mrs Van Hooper, a young woman meets and finds herself falling for Maxim De Winter, a rich famous heir who tragically lost his wife in a mysterious freak boating accident.

They get married and move to Max’s immense estate, Manderly. Coming from a modest background Mrs.De Winter is full of insecurities and self doubt and finds her new role as the lady of the house overwhelming. She finds herself being drawn into the life of Rebecca- Max’s first wife, dead but not forgotten. On top of all this, the head servant Mrs Danners has an unnatural fixation with Rebecca and does her best to convince the new Mrs.De Winter that she doesn’t belong at Manderly and that Rebecca is still hanging around. A strong feeling leads Mrs.De Winters to begin her search for the fate of Rebecca and to find out the secrets of Manderly.

The result of Mrs. De Winters investigation leads to the revelation of shocking secrets of Manderly. As a summary, this is a book of how a young woman fights to overcome barriers set by the world who, without knowing her, seem to hate her. How will she overcome her fear, insecurities, Maxim’s change of heart and Mrs.Danners plan of sabotage. You will have to read the book to find out.

In my opinion, this book has to be read keeping in mind that it is written in the 1930’s. Rebecca is a very well written book. It is a very enthralling novel which keeps its readers absorbed till the very last page.

Deepika Satyadev