Turning points – A Journey Through Challenges

Turning Points - A Journey through ChallengesA. P. J Abdul Kalam, President of India in 2002, showed interest being reelected in 2012  as well, but withdrew from the election when it became clear that he did not have much support. However his image remained unchanged. In his latest book, “Turning Points – A Journey Through Challenges”, he gives us description about why he chose to become a leader in 2002, and the same motivation that had him inclined towards running for the Presidential post again in 2012.

‘Turning Points’ is an outline for making India a developed country by suggesting measures to be taken in the Judiciary, Parliament, and Executive so as to improve its efficiency in functioning. The book is comprehensive and comprehendible, and has narrowed down the concerns to simply five points.   For example: ‘five’ causes of delay in delivering justice by courts and ‘nine’ suggestions to make them efficient. Kalam is basically a teacher and a patriot. This is reflected in his book. The book reads like a lecture. Kalam hoped that his book would be inspirational to its readers.

Many felt that book would have been inspirational if it had revealed more about his life rather than his vision which is already known to those  who have read his earlier books. However, the inspiration was directed towards the advancement of the Indian Government and not the revelation of his life. Kalam’s humility is evident throughout the book and he has made every effort to avoid any controversy that might arise. ‘Turning Points’ is a simple and inspirational book for those inclined to affairs of the state.

Shweta Lad, II PPES ‘O’