The Secret Garden

 The Secret GardenSecret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a story which revolves around the life of a ten year old child Mary Lennox. It speaks about her journey to Misselthwaite Manor and about her discoveries and adventures there.

Mary Lennox, the child of rich British parents living in India was a spoilt brat. She always had her ways with her servants. She was appeased by her servants since they could not handle her tantrums. She was literally dumped on her servants to be taken care off since, her parents were too busy to bother about her. Her mother was only interested in parties and her beauty, and Mary’s father was busy with his work. the result of this disregard towards their daughter was that Mary was spoiled with temper, unaffectionate, rude, obstinate and a sour child. Mary’s mother was a very beautiful women, whereas Mary on the other hand was ugly, yellow skinned, sick and a thin child. Mary who always saw her mother from far used to admire her mother’s beauty.

There was cholera break out in the place where Mary lived and due to this she lost her parents, her ayah and most of her servants. She survived it since she was all alone in a room, forgotten by everyone in the Manor. The next morning when she woke up after drinking the wine which made her sleep, she was informed that none but herself had survived from cholera amongst all people living in the Manor.

Mary was shipped to England to live in Misselthwaite Manor with her uncle Mr.Archibald Craven, who she had never heard off. The story turns to a very interesting path from the very moment she reaches the Manor. Mary hears her servant Martha, in Misselthwaite Manor speak about a Secret Garden in the Manor which was locked about ten years ago. The curiosity of the Secret Garden makes Mary a little detective. As she had no other work to do and nothing else to think about, most of her days were filled up with her imagination about owning a Secret Garden. She wondered how nice it would be to disappear into a place no one knew but herself. So now the question is, will she succeed to bring her dream into a reality? And she also hears someone cry in the manor almost two consecutive days. Who is it by the way? And she also tends her behaviour. But how?

So are there many more questions popping out in you? Just read the book and kill your curiosity. I loved the book and especially the magic in it . And I hope you will also find the magic the way I did. The book influences a lot. It also changes your perception about life. Want to experience it? Then read it! Enjoy!

Brizlyn Tanya



The Extreme Devotion

Extreme DevotionIt was the first time ever I came across these names. John Huss, Jeremiah logara, Erean Sengull, George Jeltonoshka, Nguyen Lap Ma and many others who were born to take extreme steps to make a difference in there short life. Have you heard of them?? After reading this book you will never forget them.

In this book I met these five great men along with a hundreds of others, who sold out their lives and souls just for Christ their hero. It’s a book that would change our very definition of faith and sacrifice.

Rolling my eyes across the pages, every story I read, held my breath, the extreme readiness of pastor Lei, who prepared himself to be put in prison, just for the reason, a vague reason of preaching the gospel. The extreme choice between life and death of John Lambert who chose death over denial, the extreme courage of a young woman who never shed a tear drop standing before a gun ready to be fired. The trigger blade was pulled…..two gun shots. The executioners thought that they had ended her life, but never knew that they had only sent her to a better place.

The list never ends of those who chose faith over fear and chose to be witnesses rather than walk away. Each snippet of the book says the story about all those of whom the world was not worthy.

Did any of the above words touch you??? Then open this book and read just one of the 365 true accounts of men and women and see if it isn’t unlike any other devotional you have ever read. Each story is true, each story is unforgettable, and each story is extreme! And each story will change your life……

This book written and published by the co-authors of Jesus freaks, who belongs to a non-profit organization. The voice of the martyrs dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide.

It’s worth reading… “THE EXTREME DEVOTION”

Alma Rosina



The Hunger Games

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games is a science-fiction novel written by American television artist and novelist Suzanne Collins. It is a young adult novel and its sequels are the books Catching Fire and Mocking jay, which complete the trilogy.

The Hunger Games is set in the distant future. While for most people, the concept of ‘future’ involves flying cars and floating cities, Collins portrays the future as a place destroyed by an unknown apocalyptic event, leaving only the country of Panem. Panem is divided into 13 districts, led by the wealthy first district, the Capitol. The rest of the districts are poorer, each having a main occupation of their own, supplying commodities to the Capitol.

In a previous rebellion against the Capitol, District 13 was destroyed, and, for the other districts to not forget the power of the leading district, the Capitol hosts The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are an annual event where one boy and one girl, called the ‘Tributes’, of each district will be randomly chosen to fight in an arena designed by the ‘Game makers’ of the Capitol. In an arena filled with 24 teenage children, one must emerge the winner by destroying the others.

In District 12, the district of coal-miners, lives 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, fending for herself, her little sister Prim and her widowed mother. She hunts in the forbidden areas of the neighboring forest with her one and only companion, Gale Hawthorne. She narrates to the readers the chilling and fast-paced tale of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.

On the eve of the Reaping, or the day on which the two Tributes get chosen, Katniss is gifted a pin with a Mocking jay symbolized in it by her other friend Madge. A Mocking jay is a mutation created by a failed government breeding experiment. The pin later grows to symbolize the second rebellion, led by Katniss herself.

During the Reaping, Katniss’s sister Prim gets chosen as a Tribute. Katniss, volunteers to take her place. She is sent to the Capitol along with the baker’s boy, Peeta Mellark… I would suggest the readers to read the rest, to quench their curiosity. The story might end as a relief for most readers, but for Katniss, worry begins in the form of President Snow…

Those who have taste for science fiction it’s a treat.

Sriranjani. S



The Witch of Portobello

The Witch of Portobello‘The Witch of Portobello’ by Paulo Coelho is not as much a book as a journey through the life of Athena, the protagonist. At the beginning of the book we find out that Athena is dead, this immediately hooks you onto the book and you just can’t wait to find out the story of her life. What makes this narrative stand out is the fact that the author chooses to narrate Athena’s story through the eyes of ten different people including her ex-husband, adoptive mother, landlord, a calligrapher, a journalist, an actress, a priest and a historian. Each of them presents to us their vantage point through which we view the story of Athena.

Right from her birth we find out that Athena was not the type to settle down in one place. While still a baby, she was adopted by a successful industrialist and his wife from Beirut, Lebanon. Due to civil war in the region the family moved to London where Athena completed her schooling and got married to a man named Lukas Jessen-Petersen at the young age of 19 with whom she had a son named Viorel and ultimately divorced. Athena’s next influence was her landlord who taught her about the powers of dance in relation to connecting with something greater than oneself (God). Thus began Athena’s path of self discovery as she moved from London to Dubai and began learning the art of calligraphy from a Bedouin. However, the more Athena learnt the more restless she seemed to become and ultimately she decided to visit Transylvania to find out the identity of her biological mother. It is here she comes across Diedre O’Neill known simply as Edda who teaches Athena about the Great Mother who is not just the maker of the universe but also the universe itself.

Athena returns to London and begins teaching people various rituals which will help them connect with the Great Mother. During one of the rituals Athena decides to dance against the rhythm of the music and she is possessed by a deity Hagia Sofia which is in fact the Great Mother expressing herself through Athena.  Athena soon gathers a lot of followers in London and she is accused of being a witch and a pagan. The rest of the tale narrates the fate awaiting Athena.

‘The Witch of Portobello’ is a riveting read and is almost impossible to put down. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I’m sure you will too. The wisdom contained within its pages gives you enough food for thought for several weeks. It puts forth new ideas such as a feminine side to God and questions the morality of so called religious leaders. It also helps us in looking at situations from various perspectives as Athena’s story is described by nearly ten different people but more than anything else, ‘The Witch of Portobello’ helps you to discover yourself. Paulo Coelho has done a brilliant job on this book and it is no wonder that it has won several accolades.

Ashwin M. Lobo