Daddy-Long-LegsThe novel ‘Daddy-long-legs ‘ written by Jean Webster is a story about a young orphan  girl  Jerusha Abbott who was brought up in John Grier house an orphanage. She was saved from life at the orphanage by a generous and anonymous guardian who will pay for her education if she promises to write once in a month and address it to ‘Mr. John Smith’ and he would never reply. Judy, as she calls herself,writes the most exuberant and lively letters packed with laughs, and tales of friendship and college life. She also makes her letters more interesting by using drawings to supplement her writings. Of course, over the years of her study at college Judy grows into a lively and attractive young woman who takes enormous delight in the little pleasures of ordinary life. It’s easy to see why Jervis Pendleton, her rich room-mate- Julia’s uncle, finds her company so enjoyable. And it’s easy to see why Jimmy McBride finds her fun to be with too. He’s the brother of her other room-mate- Sallie.

 The main characters in this book are: Judy, daddy long legs, her two roommates Sallie and Julia, Sallie’s brother and Julia’s uncle. However the favorite character is Judy herself because of her desire to be independent in her life.  Favorite part is the ambiguity as to who loves whom and the suspense is kept all through. And do you want to know whom she falls in love with? You will have to read the book then. It’s such a perfect finish. This book is neither targeted on adults nor targeted on children but can be enjoyed universally by all people irrespective of their age and profession.

I loved this book. It’s very quick and easy to read because of the letter format. And it’s a charming story!

Ashley Thomas





Oh, Mind Relax Please

Oh Mind Relax PleaseThe author has narrated superb and interesting stories, incidents, examples related to the subject. They are interesting. It tempts you to read more and more and every time when you read this book, it seems as though you are reading for the first time. Sometimes we may feel bored when repeating a book. But this book never gives a bore and a vague feeling according to me.

We have a lot of knowledge to deal with everyday’s situations in life, was my thought before reading this book. I was very skeptical; in spite of my friends’ suggestion.

Though we know many things but we still wouldn’t be able to put them into words comprehensively. I wouldn’t be able to narrate a single truth about life with a small and interesting story. I don’t know how each of the truths I know can be applied in a given situation. Swami Sukhabodhananda has done these same things in his book beautifully. I liked most of the chapters and the stories.

I am impressed with one of the chapters where he speaks about imagination and creativity. I had never thought that imagination or creativity could be used in day-to-day life. However Swamiji explains that creativity and imagination can be used to our advantage in many situations like, the next-door neighbour insisting to play on the music at full volume, the men across the street dumping their garbage in front of our gate, quarrelsome wife, nagging husband, and disobedient kids. In order to handle all these, we cannot hope to succeed by employing one common method every time. If we consider them as challenges to our creative ability and ponder deeply, we may find hundreds of ways to handle the situations!

There are lot of such truths explained with very interesting small Zen like stories. This book is not to read once and forget. It should be cherished and used whenever the life throws problems at you and you are unable to grow above them.

Criz Maria Sen


Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind‘Gone with the Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell is a dramatic description of the life of a girl named Scarlett O’Hara and Southern society in the US in the backdrop of the civil war. It is a very one-sided book, politically, as it portrays the Union as the wrongdoers and the evil ones and portrays the Confederates as the good and pure ones who were wronged by the Northerners. It shows the society of those times as very conservative and rigid. Those who opposed the system were made outcastes with haste.

The story follows the life of Scarlett O’Hara from the age of sixteen to twenty seven. It starts off a couple of weeks before the civil war when everything was pleasant, money and food was aplenty and people lived as they liked; through the tough war years and the even tougher years of reconstruction where Southerners were second class citizens in their own states and subjected to brutal mental torture and physical difficulties.

These are mostly seen through the eyes of Scarlett O’Hara, who at the beginning of the book had not a care beyond the fashion of the day and the number of her beaux and at the end, has been married three times, buried two while pining for another man and being deserted by the third when she finally realizes that she is in love with him, bearing three children, burying one and suffering a miscarriage, along with having to support her father, her sisters, her sister-in-law and her aunts, her estate, through back breaking hard labour. The blossoming beautiful girl grows into a woman who refused to wither away despite the chains that the society imposed upon her. She is looked down upon with disapproval at first and then turns into downright hatred and avoidance. But, her disposition and circumstances act in such a way that she can never adhere to the strict norms of society of those days.

The book ends on a negative note when Scarlett who is married to Mr. Rhett Butler, who is unimaginably rich through dishonest means, is abandoned by him just when she realised that she is in love with him. The last line of the book is ‘Tomorrow is another day’ shows Scarlett’s optimistic outlook towards life. This book is a tribute to women whose journey had been a tough one but still they never give up.

Anjali Bhargav

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol is written by Charles Dickens. The novel is about the changes that take place in the life of Ebenezer Scrooge who is greedy and insensitive towards the needs of other people. The novel has supernatural element that adds flavor to the narration. The story begins as the people in the  street was enjoying the Christmas Eve by dancing, clapping their hands, stamping their feet but, Ebenezer Scrooge was busy working in his office with his clerk Bob Cratchit. At that time, Scrooge’s nephew, Fred came and wished him. He invited Scrooge for the Christmas party. But Scrooge neglected his invitation and called Christmas a ‘humbug’. His nephew left the room without any angry words. Next came in two gentlemen to get some help for the poor people. But he didn’t do anything for them. They left the room with disappointment. Scrooge’s clerk hoped that he will give leave on Christmas, but Scrooge asked him to be there on time. Cratchit promised that he will come. The office was closed and Scrooge walked out.

When he reached home, while he was trying to open his door, he saw the face of his dead partner Jacob Marley instead of a knocker. The face looks horrible. As Scrooge looked fixedly, it was a knocker again. He walked in and lightened the candle. He went up to his bed room. But still Marley’s face was disturbing him.

Soon after he saw Marley’s ghost carrying cash boxes, keys, heavy purses in steel and his body was transparent. Scrooge became scary and fell upon his knees to leave him alone. Marley warned him not to live only for money, but to live as a man for the rest of his life, helping people and caring for others. He also told him that Scrooge will be haunted by three spirits that night and it is up to him to take a decision.

Scrooge had visitation by three different sprits, Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas yet to come. Scrooge awakens on Christmas morning with joy and happiness. He rushes out to the street to enjoy Christmas with other people. He sends a big turkey to the Cratchit house and attends his nephew’s party. He treated Tiny Tim properly, helped the poor and lived as a kind hearted man.

Thus the novel projects the mentality of people like Scrooge who only knows to make money and does not have time either for him or for others. The novel reminds us how we have one life and how one should lead a happy life by helping and sharing the resources with others. It is truly a timeless Christmas gift for every reader.


I PPES ‘O’                                                                                                                                     

A Painted House

A Painted HouseThis is a novel by bestselling author John Grisham. It was published in the year 2001. It is considered to be Grisham’s first work outside legal fiction.

This portrays the life of the people who live in the rural area of the United States of America. The story mainly focuses on Luke Chandler, a 7-year old who lives in Arkansas along with his parents and his grandparents. The book shows how the life on the farm is especially with the harvest season going on. The family takes in migrant workers from Mexico to help with the harvesting of the cotton.   Luke sees Hank, one of the older boys, beat up another boy and Hank tells Luke to support his version of the story. But the adults actually feel that Luke is too scared to admit the truth. Later, one of the Mexicans kills Hank and runs away with Luke’s neighbours’ daughter.

Grisham also tells us how simple life is in the southern part of the U.S. This book is said to have been inspired by Grisham’s own childhood. How interested a child from the rural areas is in the television especially in baseball world series. Luke is saving up to buy a baseball jersey. Later, in the book, the parents decide to go work for a car factory rather than do cotton-farming. The title of the book mainly shows the lower social status of the family, because they couldn’t afford paint for their house. But, in the climax of the book, everybody chips in to buy paint, even Luke. The family soon grows much closer together.

Anuj Srikumar