A Painted House

A Painted HouseThis is a novel by bestselling author John Grisham. It was published in the year 2001. It is considered to be Grisham’s first work outside legal fiction.

This portrays the life of the people who live in the rural area of the United States of America. The story mainly focuses on Luke Chandler, a 7-year old who lives in Arkansas along with his parents and his grandparents. The book shows how the life on the farm is especially with the harvest season going on. The family takes in migrant workers from Mexico to help with the harvesting of the cotton.   Luke sees Hank, one of the older boys, beat up another boy and Hank tells Luke to support his version of the story. But the adults actually feel that Luke is too scared to admit the truth. Later, one of the Mexicans kills Hank and runs away with Luke’s neighbours’ daughter.

Grisham also tells us how simple life is in the southern part of the U.S. This book is said to have been inspired by Grisham’s own childhood. How interested a child from the rural areas is in the television especially in baseball world series. Luke is saving up to buy a baseball jersey. Later, in the book, the parents decide to go work for a car factory rather than do cotton-farming. The title of the book mainly shows the lower social status of the family, because they couldn’t afford paint for their house. But, in the climax of the book, everybody chips in to buy paint, even Luke. The family soon grows much closer together.

Anuj Srikumar



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