A Christmas Carol

A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol is written by Charles Dickens. The novel is about the changes that take place in the life of Ebenezer Scrooge who is greedy and insensitive towards the needs of other people. The novel has supernatural element that adds flavor to the narration. The story begins as the people in the  street was enjoying the Christmas Eve by dancing, clapping their hands, stamping their feet but, Ebenezer Scrooge was busy working in his office with his clerk Bob Cratchit. At that time, Scrooge’s nephew, Fred came and wished him. He invited Scrooge for the Christmas party. But Scrooge neglected his invitation and called Christmas a ‘humbug’. His nephew left the room without any angry words. Next came in two gentlemen to get some help for the poor people. But he didn’t do anything for them. They left the room with disappointment. Scrooge’s clerk hoped that he will give leave on Christmas, but Scrooge asked him to be there on time. Cratchit promised that he will come. The office was closed and Scrooge walked out.

When he reached home, while he was trying to open his door, he saw the face of his dead partner Jacob Marley instead of a knocker. The face looks horrible. As Scrooge looked fixedly, it was a knocker again. He walked in and lightened the candle. He went up to his bed room. But still Marley’s face was disturbing him.

Soon after he saw Marley’s ghost carrying cash boxes, keys, heavy purses in steel and his body was transparent. Scrooge became scary and fell upon his knees to leave him alone. Marley warned him not to live only for money, but to live as a man for the rest of his life, helping people and caring for others. He also told him that Scrooge will be haunted by three spirits that night and it is up to him to take a decision.

Scrooge had visitation by three different sprits, Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas yet to come. Scrooge awakens on Christmas morning with joy and happiness. He rushes out to the street to enjoy Christmas with other people. He sends a big turkey to the Cratchit house and attends his nephew’s party. He treated Tiny Tim properly, helped the poor and lived as a kind hearted man.

Thus the novel projects the mentality of people like Scrooge who only knows to make money and does not have time either for him or for others. The novel reminds us how we have one life and how one should lead a happy life by helping and sharing the resources with others. It is truly a timeless Christmas gift for every reader.


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