Oh, Mind Relax Please

Oh Mind Relax PleaseThe author has narrated superb and interesting stories, incidents, examples related to the subject. They are interesting. It tempts you to read more and more and every time when you read this book, it seems as though you are reading for the first time. Sometimes we may feel bored when repeating a book. But this book never gives a bore and a vague feeling according to me.

We have a lot of knowledge to deal with everyday’s situations in life, was my thought before reading this book. I was very skeptical; in spite of my friends’ suggestion.

Though we know many things but we still wouldn’t be able to put them into words comprehensively. I wouldn’t be able to narrate a single truth about life with a small and interesting story. I don’t know how each of the truths I know can be applied in a given situation. Swami Sukhabodhananda has done these same things in his book beautifully. I liked most of the chapters and the stories.

I am impressed with one of the chapters where he speaks about imagination and creativity. I had never thought that imagination or creativity could be used in day-to-day life. However Swamiji explains that creativity and imagination can be used to our advantage in many situations like, the next-door neighbour insisting to play on the music at full volume, the men across the street dumping their garbage in front of our gate, quarrelsome wife, nagging husband, and disobedient kids. In order to handle all these, we cannot hope to succeed by employing one common method every time. If we consider them as challenges to our creative ability and ponder deeply, we may find hundreds of ways to handle the situations!

There are lot of such truths explained with very interesting small Zen like stories. This book is not to read once and forget. It should be cherished and used whenever the life throws problems at you and you are unable to grow above them.

Criz Maria Sen



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