Daddy-Long-LegsThe novel ‘Daddy-long-legs ‘ written by Jean Webster is a story about a young orphan  girl  Jerusha Abbott who was brought up in John Grier house an orphanage. She was saved from life at the orphanage by a generous and anonymous guardian who will pay for her education if she promises to write once in a month and address it to ‘Mr. John Smith’ and he would never reply. Judy, as she calls herself,writes the most exuberant and lively letters packed with laughs, and tales of friendship and college life. She also makes her letters more interesting by using drawings to supplement her writings. Of course, over the years of her study at college Judy grows into a lively and attractive young woman who takes enormous delight in the little pleasures of ordinary life. It’s easy to see why Jervis Pendleton, her rich room-mate- Julia’s uncle, finds her company so enjoyable. And it’s easy to see why Jimmy McBride finds her fun to be with too. He’s the brother of her other room-mate- Sallie.

 The main characters in this book are: Judy, daddy long legs, her two roommates Sallie and Julia, Sallie’s brother and Julia’s uncle. However the favorite character is Judy herself because of her desire to be independent in her life.  Favorite part is the ambiguity as to who loves whom and the suspense is kept all through. And do you want to know whom she falls in love with? You will have to read the book then. It’s such a perfect finish. This book is neither targeted on adults nor targeted on children but can be enjoyed universally by all people irrespective of their age and profession.

I loved this book. It’s very quick and easy to read because of the letter format. And it’s a charming story!

Ashley Thomas





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