The Google Story

The Google StoryAs the name suggests, this book is about GOOGLE, the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The book is authored by David A. Vise, a former Pulitzer Prize winner who presently works as a senior advisor at New Mountain Capital, a leading New York based equity firm.

It was published in November 2005 by Random House Publishing.

The story includes the company’s journey from its inception in 1998, how the founders met each other, the ups and downs they faced to the present day Google that everyone knows.

The author provides beautiful insights into the world of Google, Googleplex.

The readers are introduced to new aspects like Nooglers or New Googlers and the 20 percent Time Concept.

The pictures and photos speak volumes on how unusual googley things like bean bags, lava lamps and free food make the company one of the best places to work in. There is a special mention of the contribution of Google employees to the addition of new features like Translator, Google Earth, Google Play, Writely, Google News, Gmail and Doodle.

The book reveals how word of mouth became the best way of marketing Google Products. Gmail, for example, was announced on April Fools Day, making people wonder whether it was real or made-up.

Ways to make Google Search more efficient are also mentioned.

The author concludes by saying that the organisation is the sum total of youth, freedom, transparency, new model, belief in trust, the general public’s benefit. With character, trust, focus and fire in their bellies Larry Page and Sergey Brin become an important part of this truly inspiring story.

The experiences of these innovators and amateur entrepreneurs have many lessons to teach management experts.

“They believed in building something of value and deliver a service compelling enough that people would just use it.”

“They focus on serving users through constant innovation.”

It is a must read for all the aspiring entrepreneurs.

So grab the book right now!!!

M Vaishnavi