The Secret Wish List

The Secret Wish ListThe author, Preeti Shenoy was born on 21 December, 1971. Her writings come under the genre romantic novels. She started developing her writing skills in early age but became a professional writer after she created herself a blog in October 2006. She says that she started the blog to get over the grief of her father’s death. She is the author of four novels.

 At sixteen Diksha, like any other girl finds her life revolving around school, boys and endless hours of fun with her best friend. But one day all that changes what starts as an innocent crush explores into something far beyond her control. Eighteen years later she finds herself in a dilemma. Urged by the twist of events, her wish list is born. And from there onwards, all the problems starts in her life but she was overwhelmed in fulfilling her secret wish list.

The book was interesting as I found it curious to know whether she fulfils her secret wish list or not. In my opinion it is an engrossing, crazy, tale about passion, courage and the real meaning of friendship.






Author – Chudamani Raghavan, Translated from Tamil original by Vasantha Surya

YaminiThis story talks about social issues like liberation of women caught up in social structure. The story is set in Chennai  between 1950 and 1970. Even though child marriage was banned, conservative families continued to “marry off” their teenage girls. There was a belief that every girl was born to get married. This story is about a girl called Yamini who rejected marriage and preferred to live a solitary life. She was forced into marriage and when she had a daughter Geetha, she didn’t have any affection for her. As she was forced into something which meant nothing to her, she became withdrawn.

Yamini’s father understood her and her desire to be “set free” and that he did. Her mother Perundevi was frustrated and she found someone she could love and care for in Yamini’s daughter Geetha. Geetha was completely different from her mother and hence Perundevi was very close to her. Geetha was a normal child and the story ends when Geetha falls in love with a man and the family is preparing for her marriage, Throughout the story Saranath the father feels guilty for what he had done to Yamini and so he is happy that he could repent for his sin by letting Geetha do what she wanted to do.

The realistic portrayal of characters makes the book a memorable one. This book can be associated with larger issues like child marriage. This is a must read for anyone who loves stories with unexpected twists and turns.

Nizy K Babu


Treasure In The Royal Tower

Treasure in the Royal TowerMany authors use words and sentences that perplex the reader and cause disappointment. But the writing in this book is simple and brief. I came across a wide variety of techniques available in conducting investigations. In this story the three friends namely ‘Nancy’, ‘Bess’ and ‘George’, are on their trip to a skiing sports area in wick ford castle, to find a mystery to be solved. The castle seemed to be full of surprises and strange secrets. It also held a rumor of a hidden treasure of over two centuries old. The three girls do not broadcast it to everyone that they are doing detective work. They gather facts and collect evidences for their investigations. They seem to be physically demanding and come across many dangers, but also manages  successfully , comes out safe from them. They are mentally sharp at all times and physically strong in solving the mystery. They keep many people on their suspect list for being responsible for all the strange things happening in the castle, but finally end up knowing that the culprit was someone who had been playing dangerous tricks with them in order to take away the hidden treasure out of the castle.

This book falls under the category of adventure and is quite interesting to read. It involves a lot of adventures, which come in different episodes of the crime investigation process. The characters used here are those who brave themselves to face all the hurdles and dangers which come across their way of seeking the haunting truth. The feeling of suspicion is certainly there, but, with the excellent skills of planning, managing and problem solving the mystery is successfully solved. Thus the author beautifully blends adventure to make the story an interesting one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and hope that you will enjoy it too.

Arshiya Zamani