Little Secrets Playing With Fire

Little Secrets Playing With Fire

Little Secrets Playing With Fire

Secrets should remain secrets but if they do not remain secret then they are not secrets.

Little secrets playing with fire by Emily Blake clearly shows how a few important secrets are not maintained as secrets. It also shows how little secrets can cost you big troubles. It’s about a teenager who is going through so many troubles & problems, which she could not face nor could she run away from those problems. Survival of the fittest was always a theory that described nature, but for Alison it was perfect for her family. Alison had a pretty good life but her parents hardly acknowledged her until they needed a help. But one night the FBI came knocking at her door & arrested Mrs. Helen Rose, her rich, strong & stylish mom, accusing her of embezzlement [stealing the money that she had been given responsibility of] which changed her life dramatically. With her mom in jail, there was no one who Alison can turn to. Her dad had no idea how to take care of the situation. Her aunts & uncles who only care about Grandma’s golden fortunes [real estate]. Her boyfriend was becoming pretty distant from her. The only person Alison finds comfort was her cousin, Lily. But Lily was pretty enthusiastic that Alison’s mom was arrested, but of course she never said it to Alison. The only thing that Lily wanted the most was to see her perfect cousin get knocked off her high horse & become the biggest loser both at school & in the real world.

Chad, Alison’s boy friend was beginning to feel like his & Alison’s relationship was drifting apart. And now he was waiting for an opportunity to open up with her cousin Lily. But if he did start his relationship with her it would not only hurt Alison but also his best friend Tom, who had a crush on Lily, but of course it was a secret. And now that with his sister Zoey was back from her school. Tom just wanted to live his life without any inclusion of his family members. But Zoey was back in a weird way & that she was ready to take revenge on Alison, who she thought was her friend but betrayed her at the worst possible moment. But will Zoey really turn on Alison, since she was the only friend & ally she had???

My favorite part of the story was when Alison discovered a huge secret about her aunt Christine that she wasn’t supposed to know.

I conclude by saying that this story ends with a lot of twist of lies, betrayals, dramas, doubts, secrets, revenge & suspense. It is most suitable for teenage audience.

Aishwarya A